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Updated: April 8, 2013

Celebrating our 11th year in business. THANK YOU ALL.

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Portable Evaporative coolers.

COOLSPACE technology combines water and forced air to reduce temperatures by as much as 28º. Additionally, the units are portable and durable.

Forget about installation with COOLSPACE - all you need is a water source and a 115 volt outlet.

FREE SHIPPING. Within continuous USA. (Lower 48)

 (restrictions apply. See individual product description for complete details)



Coolspace Wave 10" Portable Two Speed Evaporative Cooler CSW-10LV

MSRP $649.00

You pay $ 489.00

How the COOLSPACE Works.

Inside the unit, the fan draws hot, dryer air through the thick wet cooling media.

As water evaporates into the passing air, it displaces the heat in the air.

The result is a mist less, discharged air of up to 28 degrees cooler!



Coolspace Wave 12" Portable Two Speed Evaporative Cooler  CSW-12HV

MSRP $699.00

You pay $ 535.00


CoolSpace 16" Portable Evaporative Cooler


MSRP $1385.00

You pay $ 990.00


CoolSpace 36" Single Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler   CS5-36-1D

MSRP $2749.00

You pay $ 1945.00


CoolSpace 36" Three Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler   CS5-36-3B

MSRP $2898.00

You pay $ 2045.00


CoolSpace 36" Variable Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler   CS5-36-VD

MSRP $3098.00

You pay $ 2165.00



2 year top to bottom,

3 year on variable speed motor. The longest warranty in the industry!



CoolSpace 48" Two Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler   CS5-48-2B

MSRP $4295.00

You pay $ 2925.00

Click here to visit our FAQ page.

Click here to compare product features on 1 page. 




COOLSPACE Portable Evaporative Coolers are capable of delivering up to a 28 degree temperature drop. Designed to go into places where conventional air conditioning is not practical, (garages, hangars, warehouses, industrial shops, dry cleaners, barns, tents & outdoor events, etc.) COOLSPACE is engineered to operate very efficiently using only water and a small amount of electricity, with an average cost of $1 a day. COOLSPACE separates itself from the competition with more features, higher quality, longer warranties and well trained friendly service.




  • Larger water reservoirs allowing hours of operation without a hose connection.
  • Low water shut-off to protect the pump when the water reservoir runs dry.
  • Thick 8” cooling media compared to the standard 2”- 6”, for greater temperature drops.
  • Edge coating on cooling media for more durability and longer life.
  • Inline water filter for less maintenance on distribution bar.
  • Water treatment cap for easy access to water reservoir.
  • Drain plug for water reservoir draining.
  • Thick rotomolded housing for less vibration and noise absorption, rust free.(twice as thick as the competition)
  • Backed with “The Longest Warranty in the Industry” 2 Years on everything and 3 years on variable speed motors.

Unlike many commercial air cooling systems, COOLSPACE doesn't require hazardous Freon.

COOLSPACE is the natural choice for environmental friendly companies.

All Cool-Space units drop ship directly from factory.






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