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Glossary Orchid of Terms


Epiphyte, epiphytic
A plant that naturally grows on another plant but does not derive any nourishment from it. Many of the orchids in cultivation are epiphytic.

Growing in or on the ground and supported by soil.

An orchid that grows on rocks

A Hawaiian word referring to a baby plant produced asexually by an orchid plant, usually used when referring to Dendrobiums or Vandaceous orchids.

An elongated psuedobulb, usually used when describing Dendrobiums.

Aerial root
Any root produced above the growing medium.

(pl. genera) A natural grouping of closely related species.

The offspring of a cross between species or hybrids.

Intergeneric hybrid
A hybrid between members of two or more genera.

A kind of plant that is distinct from other plants.

An unbranched inflorescence of unstalked flowers

A modified leaf that encloses an emerging inflorescence or leaf.

Having one leaf.

Having two leaves

The flowering portion of a plant.

The part of the stamen containing the pollen; the end of the column.

An old pseudobulb behind the part of a sympodial orchid that is actively growing. Although there may be no leaves the presence of undamaged "eyes" is a sign that growth is possible.

. Pseudobulb
A thickened portion of the stem of many orchids functioning as a water and food storage device.

A root-bearing stem of sympodial orchids that progressively sends up leafy shoots.

The bud of a sympodial orchid that will eventually develop into a new lead.

An immature vegetative growth on a sympodial orchid that will develop into flower-producing structure.

A modified petal of the orchid flower specialized to aid in pollination and different than the other petals.

The material in which an orchid is container-grown, it may be organic such as fir bark or inorganic such as lava rock.

A plant derived from tissue culture that is identical to its parent.

Orchids that grow upward from a single stem producing leaves and flowers along that stem.

Orchids which grow laterally and produce leafy growths along a rhizome

A joint on a stem or pseudobulb from which a leaf or growth originates.

A type of infectious agent, much smaller than common microorganisms, several forms of which affect certain kinds of orchids.


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