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Illustrated Guide To Repotting Orchids



When to repot

Get prepared

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The finished product

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1. The plant grows out of the pot (above left). It is normal for some roots to grow on the outside of the pot as most orchids are Epiphytic - growing on but not feeding on another plant, usually trees. While we are at it, Terrestrial - orchids that grow rooted in the ground ( terrestrials are usually grown in a peat based mix which may or may not contain fine bark, charcoal, sponge rock or tree fern. Lithophytic - grow on the surface of rocks.

2. The potting mix breakes down (above right). Note the osmunda fiber on the top of the pot still looks fine. But look closely in between the roots in the lower right corner of picture and you can see the osmunda is completely broken down. This, (if let go) can cause root rot and possible loss of plant.

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