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Schaefer Ventilation Pro-Kool Evaporative Spot Cooler
The Evaporative Cooler that delivers 20%
more cool air, and uses less energy!

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment has done it again!  The newest addition to our family of ultimate cooling products brings you the Pro-Kool Evaporative Spot Cooler. The Pro-Kool evaporative cooler is constructed of a solid, UV protected, roto-molded housing with an attractive slate grey finish. Pro-Kool boasts a 42 inch fan, yet takes up less floor space than competitor's 36 inch models. The rugged 1 hp motor helps generate 12,418 c.f.m., delivering 20% more cooling comfort wherever you need it.  The 38 gallon water reservoir, makes Pro-Kool more convenient, and adaptable.  The six wing, 42 inch stainless steel fan blade produces optimum air movement with less noise.  Special rugged edge coated cooling pads last longer and allow for easier cleaning. 


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Description: Schaefer Pro-Kool evaporative cooler for spot cooling

              Model #: PROK14-2HV
Order HERE


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Description: http://www.schaeferfan.com/clearpixel.gif


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More Powerful!
More Energy Efficient!
More Cool Air!

Less Noise!
Less Floor Space!
Less Expensive!





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Description: http://www.schaeferfan.com/clearpixel.gif


Cools air temperature up to 20    degrees.
Attractive gray slate finish
Rugged edge coating for longer pad life and easier cleaning
40 gallon water reservoir
UV protected rotomolded housing
70" high x 52" wide x 34" deep
Six wing 42" stainless steel blade
115 volt, 230 available
CFM: 12,418/8207
RPM: 370/250


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Description: VersaFiller for the Pro-Kool or WayCool evaporative cooler

50 Gallon Water Supply Reservoir
Easy garden hose hook-up
to either the Pro-Kool or WayCool models.

- Portable - Compact - Durable


WayCool portable evaporative cooling fans Description: WayCool non-oscillating evaporative spot cooler

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