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Updated: November 17, 2011

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Reverse Osmosis Misting System


Our misting system comes complete with a RO 100 GPD system w/ auto-shut off and a 40 gallon RO water storage tank equipped with a float valve in the tank.  Plus it also includes a pump, 100 feet of tubing and 6 misting heads.   We include a ball valve that can be placed anywhere before the misting heads. Water-drip pinholes can also be added in the tubing.

The tubing can be placed any where you like: ground level, ceiling or anywhere on the wall, due to the capability of the high quality pump.  This allows for the mist heads/pinholes to be placed at strategic points for precision watering.  Due to the purity of this water, the mist heads/pinholes will not clog - it's like rain only finer!!!!

This is a unique and powerful misting system for almost any installation.

Ideal for hydroponics , orchid growing or any greenhouse application.

Some assembly required.

Mounting hardware not included.

The water pump is 24 volt and includes a transformer. The transformer can be used outside but must be protected from rain. There is no on/off switch in most applications the pump is plugged into standard 115 volt timer. ( timer not included )

The picture shows the components of the system. The R.O. unit and pump are generally located/mounted in close proximity to storage tank.

For reverse osmosis technical support call 877-256-3467 M-F 9AM to 6PM EST/EDT


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Under $ 100.00 UPS ground shipping charges will be added to order.

Florida residents will be charged 6.5% sales tax. Prices subject to change.




What is Reverse Osmosis? Click for more information.


Description: misting system


Product Description


Reverse Osmosis Misting System


Extra 100 Foot of Hose ( Optional )


In-line TDS Meter ( Optional )


Hand Held TDS Meter ( Optional )


Booster Pump for low pressure water sources ( Optional ) Reverse osmosis systems require a minimum of 35 psi source to operate.