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Are your orchids happy? Do they have proper ventilation? Have you repotted lately?

Updated: August 21, 2012

Over 10 years. THANK YOU ALL.

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* FREE SHIPPING on all fixtures.  *Cont. USA only.

*         High output lamps have an extremely high lumen per watt rating 5000 lumens per lamp 54 watts=92.59 lumens/watt.
*Reference Point: an F40 cool white lamp: 1260 lumens per lamp | 440 watts = 31.5 lumens/watt

*         Lamps have very low heat factor which allows the fixture to be hung very close to plant canopy, thus raising light levels.

*         The TEK-LIGHT™'s exclusive 9-bend reflector is made of German 95% reflective aluminum. Light output is 300% higher in our reflector vs. a lamp with no reflector.

*         Replacement lamps are extremely cost effective.

*         Fixtures are low profile, sleek and light to hang.

*         Intellivolt ballasts can run on 120, 208, 240, & 277 volt input power.

*         Available with white or black steel housing.

*         Louvered and slotted for efficient cooling.

*         Comes complete with 2 chrome V hangers.

*         Lightweight

* 2 year rebuild or replacement warranty. * Warranty does not include shipping.

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Jim’s Orchid Supplies is an authorized Sun Systems & Sun Light Supply dealer.

Spectralux™ 4' T5 H.O. (High Output)

Fluorescent Grow Lamps

Description: http://www.nationalgardenwholesale.com/ngw/imgutility.aspx?img=Lamp_T5lamps.jpg&dir=ilibrary&size=c&width=365&height=300


4 Foot.  SPECTRALUX T5 54W H.O. (High output)

Blue 6500K  (Vegetative Growth)

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4 Foot. SPECTRALUX T5 54W H.O. (High output) 

Red 3000K    (Fruiting & Flowering)

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High quality T5 HO lamps are excellent for all indoor gardening applications.

Use the color of your choice for the growth phase of your plants.

Mix & match for a full spectrum effect.

Perfect for growing where heat is an issue lamps run cool.

Come in different spectrums to optimize your garden's growth cycle.

Red 3000K for flowering.

Blue 6500K for vegetative growth.

Alternate both in your fixture for the most even illumination available.

Or use the color of your choice for the growth phase of your plants.

     Only use High Output (H.O.) lamps in Tek-Light™ T5 fixtures.

     Lamps that are not marked H.O. will have significantly less output.

     54 watt = 5,000 lumens




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Jim's orchid supplies offers a full line of quality orchid growing supplies, Schaefer greenhouse ventilation equipment, WayCool & ProKool portable evaporative cooling fans, reverse osmosis water treatment & misting systems, lighting. Much more. 10 years in business. www.jimssupplies.com


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