Orchid Potting Mediums

Orchid Potting Mediums

Jim's orchid supplies offers a wide variety of orchid growing supplies including quality orchid potting mediums: Tree fern fiber, Hydroton expanded clay pellets, Peruvian sphagnum moss, orchid charcoal, Rexius Douglas fir orchid bark, Redwood bark, Sequoia bark, Sponge rock, Rock wool, Coconut husk chips, Coconut coir, Coconut husk fiber, Orchid bark mix, Orchid seedling mix. Select quality pre-mixed, ready to use potting mixes.

Some mediums are sold by weight while others are by volume. Weight may vary, some settling may occur on items packed by volume. IE: ¼ & 2 cubic foot packages. Items such as orchid bark, charcoal, sponge rock, coconut chips ect. can vary slightly in size, moisture content & weight therefore if packed by weight volume could change considerably. All packages are full when packed.

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