WayCool, Evaporative Cooling Fans

WayCool, Evaporative Cooling Fans


Portable Evaporative Coolers.
Use portable evaporative coolers to cool MOST any area - indoor or out! Cool down air temperature up to 20 degrees + with our evaporative coolers! These evaporative cooling fans are designed for use when air conditioning is cost prohibitive, impractical, or unavailable.
How Evaporative cooling works.
Evaporative cooling is the same process your body uses to cool itself. When you perspire, and air moves across your skin, a portion of the perspiration (water) evaporates. Evaporation requires heat to change liquid water to water vapor and this heat is taken from your skin, producing the cooling effect.
In an evaporative cooler, the cellulose cooling pads take the place of your skin, water instead of perspiration wets them and a fan moves the air. The air blows across the cooling pads and evaporates moisture. Heat is drawn from the pads and the air, dropping the air temperature and producing the cooling effect. The cooled air is then forced through a building or space and displaces the warm air out of building openings, cooling the surroundings. In addition, air velocity increases the cooling effect as it moves over the skin of people in the airflow path.
Our evaporative coolers are portable and use the latest technology to provide large volumes of cool air, efficiently and inexpensively, for cooling small to medium size areas. Simply add more units to accommodate larger areas. With proper sizing and application, a portable evaporative cooler can lower the effective air temperature by up to 20 degrees F. Even in high humidity, the efficiency of the evaporative cooler provides effective cooling.
In many cases, evaporative coolers are a better solution than mechanical refrigeration systems because they are more economical to operate and maintain and do not use environmentally sensitive and costly refrigerants.
- Regular cleaning: The frequency with which an evaporative cooler is cleaned will depend on the environment in which it is used. The evaporative cooler also acts as an air filter and removes dust and other particles from the air. This dirt collects on the cooling pads and lowers cooler efficiency. The more dirty the environment the more often it will need cleaning. In most cases the unit will need to be cleaned weekly.
- A dirty water supply will quickly reduce the unit's performance and the unit will require more frequent cleaning to maintain cooling effectiveness. Always try to use a filtered, treated water supply.
Many people mistakenly believe they live in a place that is too humid and hot for a evaporative cooler’s to be effective. However, the laws of physics dictate that as the temperature rises, relative humidity falls.
On a typical hot day of 95 degrees and 50 Percent humidity,  the air leaving an evaporative cooler is 15 degrees F cooler.
Typical Midday High Humidity Readings for July (all values are approximate)
City,  State
Relative  Humidity%
WayCool¨  temp drop at 95F
Baton Rouge, LA
Upper 50's
12 F
St. Louis, MO
Lower 50's
16 F
Phoenix, AZ
Upper 10's
25 F
Philadelphia, PA
Mid 50's
14 F
Orlando, FL
Upper 50's
12 F
Air  Temperature
Temp  Drop 40% RH
Temp  Drop 50% RH
Temp  Drop 60% RH
80 F
18 F
14 F
11 F
85 F
19 F
16 F
11 F
90 F
20 F
15 F
11 F
95 F
21 F
16 F
12 F
100 F
19 F
16 F
11 F
Here is just a partial list of uses.
Outdoor dining, Hotels and resorts, Pool, patios, decks, Outdoor retail, Auto repair shops,
Entertainment Parks, Pro sports teams, Farm Buildings, Catering Companies, Ducted into boat hulls, Construction sites, Fairs, Emergency/disaster, Movie production sites, Factories, Athletic events, Horse Stables, Warehouses, Youth Athletics, Greenhouses, Garden centers, Garages, Workshops, Stadiums, Back yards.
I think this gives you an idea; the uses for evaporative cooling are endless !!!!!  
Typically, portable evaporative cooling units are used to “spot cool” meaning you need to be in the air stream to feel the cooling effect. Can also be effective in open areas used to “area” cool.
Use of circulation fans can greatly increase effectiveness of evaporative cooling in many applications.
Please contact us should you have any questions. Returns are subject to customer paying return freight and restocking fees. We want to avoid this and asking questions before ordering can avoid problems later.

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